By Phillip Molnar Contact Reporter                                                                                                                                                                                            San Diego Union Tribune

San Diego was one of the least-affordable U.S. metro areas for buying a home in the second quarter, said a recently-released study from mortgage website HSH.

Potential buyers needed to make $130,986 a year to afford the median-priced single-family house.

Only two other metro areas were less affordable — San Jose and San Francisco — said the study, which crunched numbers for 50 regions across the United States.

HSH determined rankings by looking at quarterly home price data, local property taxes, homeowner insurance costs and income needed to qualify for a loan. It also assumed that prospective homebuyers made a 20 percent down payment.

The most affordable metropolitan area was Pittsburgh where the required annual salary to afford a median-priced home was $38,253. Other affordable cities for homebuyers were Cleveland ($39,253), Oklahoma City ($40,780).

Keith Gumbinger,’s vice president, said rising mortgage rates are only a small part of the difficulty for potential buyers.

“Unfortunately, even if rates don’t go up very much,” he said, “part of the issue we run into is that home prices are rising so quickly.”

San Diego has been locked at the No.3 spot since HSH expanded the study to 50 metros three years ago. Los Angeles was No.4, which usually is seen as less affordable than America’s Finest City — but Gumbinger said the larger pool of homes in Los Angeles reduced the median cost in comparison to San Diego.

HSH said the salary needed to afford a single-family home in Los Angeles was $114,907, about $16,079 less than San Diego.

The mortgage website said that the salary needed to buy a San Diego home had increased 12.1 percent in a year. So, even a substantial raise last year would not necessarily make homeownership much easier.

Part of the issue, Gumbinger said, is a lack of homes for sale across the nation.

“In many markets, there is simply such little inventory to buy,” he said. “Even if you’re well-positioned to buy a home, there might not be anything you can afford to buy or anything you can afford to buy that is desirable to buy.”

There were 6,413 homes listed for sale in June, said the Greater San Diego Association of Realtors. There were more than 12,000 homes for sale in June 2011.

HSH also looked at the possibility of putting 10 percent down for a San Diego home instead of 20 percent, but that would increase the needed salary by roughly $24,000. The reason is that monthly payments would be higher with a smaller down payment. Also, putting less than 20 percent down means the buyer needs to purchase private mortgage insurance, adding to monthly payments.

Gumbinger said the study did not look at even more low-cost options — such as, 1 percent down — because those are aimed at low-income buyers, and there isn’t much for those buyers to purchase in expensive markets.

Nationwide, the salary needed for a median-priced home was $61,522 in the second quarter, HSH said. Across all 50 markets, the median increase in existing home prices was 6.55 percent in a year. Including available tax and insurance costs, a potential buyer would need to have seen a median increase in income of 10.58 percent just to keep pace.

Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors, wrote in the study that strong economic growth, a healthy labor market and a large millennial population should be driving sales much higher.

“With not enough homes for sale, multiple bids caused prices to rise briskly and further out of the reach of some prospective buyers,” he wrote.

In June there were 3,927 home sales in the county, CoreLogic said, which is the lowest in four years. But, the median home price hit its highest in history, $575,000.

The median single-family home price, determined by the National Association of Realtors in the study, was $645,000.

Housing experts generally attribute a lack of homebuilding during the recession as one of the reasons much of the nation today faces a housing shortage. In San Diego County, 18,031 residential building permits were issued in 2003 but those dropped to less than 3,000 in 2009 during the recession. There were 9,580 residential permits issued in 2017.

By Jamie Hopkins, Forbes Contributor

When talking about real estate, you have likely heard the widely used phrase “location, location, location.” What realtors mean by this is that identical homes may have very different prices depending upon location. What this often means to home buyers is that they may have to pay more to live close to work or to be in the best school district. The right location may also mean the most potential for capital appreciation, an important consideration when the home is a long-term investment. In retirement, however, many of these considerations move to the background. In fact, retirees need a new mantra when making housing decisions, “cash flow, cash flow, cash flow.” Cash flow is king in retirement. Without it, you cannot meet your retirement income needs.

Before focusing on “cash flow,” the place to begin is with what people want since that drives spending needs. The reality is that most people want to age in place. A 2017 research article published in the Journal of Financial Planning, “The Effect of Low Reverse Mortgage Literacy on Usage of Home Equity in Retirement Income Plans,” showed that the vast majority of homeowners, roughly 83 percent, wanted to age in place in their current home for as long as possible. People feel a deep emotional attachment to their homes. This emotional aspect of homeownership cannot be ignored in retirement, but it also cannot be the only consideration. In many cases, the current home is not financially or functionally appropriate for the homeowner to live in throughout retirement.

In addition to wanting to age in place, homeowners do not want to “backtrack” in retirement from owning to renting. Only 5% of the survey respondents in the aforementioned study indicated a desire to rent if they were to move out of their home in retirement. Once an individual owns a home, most want to keep owning a home. Home ownership evokes a real sense of achievement and is still viewed as part of the “American Dream.” Even in today’s increasingly partisan world, homeownership remains a shared value across party lines. In a 2017 Zillow Housing Aspiration Report, roughly two-thirds of both Republicans and Democrats reported that owning a home is essential to living the American Dream.

Since most homeowners want to age in place and not rent, let’s take a look at why “cash flow, cash flow, cash flow” should replace “location, location, location” in choosing retirement housing. According to Chris Mayer, a Columbia University Real Estate Professor and the CEO of Longbridge Financial, “There is a lot of opportunity for older homeowners to be more strategic about their living situation and let home equity help cover their expenses in retirement. Cash flow can be improved in three ways: moving to free up cash flow, restricting debt obligations, or supplementing retirement income by tapping into home equity through a reverse mortgage.

The first housing strategy to improve cash flow is to move in order to free up equity or to reduce costs. Downsizing is probably the most common housing decision made in order to free up cash as many retirees are living in homes that are too large, too expensive, and not fit for senior living. Downsizing to a more economical home that allows for aging in place can be a viable strategy because it helps reduce ongoing costs and, at the same time, frees up home equity to support a more comfortable standard of living in retirement.

Closely related to downsizing is relocating. Relocating might mean moving to a more expensive house but in a less expensive area, perhaps even to a new state or country. When selling a house and relocating to a new area, it is important to look at the total cost associated with moving, including changes in taxes. Some states, like Pennsylvania, provide good tax incentives for seniors to relocate by not taxing pension and Social Security income, which can increase cash flow. However, a relocation decision needs to be carefully examined because it is almost impossible to reverse. If you sell your home and move to a new state, it is unlikely you will be able to repurchase your old home and move back if you don’t like the new area.

The second retiree housing cash flow factor is debt management. While freeing up cash flow and equity can be achieved through downsizing and relocating, taking strategic measures to deal with an existing mortgage can also improve a retiree’s financial situation. Every year an increasing proportion of retirees are entering retirement with a mortgage; the required mortgage payments throughout retirement put a serious strain on cash flow. These mortgage payments can cause a substantial financial burden and risk for the retiree. To address this problem, some people try to make extra payments and prepay the mortgage several years before or early in retirement. Most research shows, however, that this is not the best way to handle a mortgage and actually can be worse for a retiree than just continuing to make normal mortgage payments throughout retirement. One option is to lower monthly payments by refinancing at a lower interest rate. Another option is to embrace the mortgage and spread out the payments over a longer period of time. While getting a longer mortgage for a retiree might seem counterintuitive, it can actually improve cash flow by lowering monthly payments and, in many cases, increase the longevity of the homeowner’s retirement portfolio.

The third retiree housing cash flow strategy is to utilize a reverse mortgage in order to tap into home equity to support one’s retirement. A reverse mortgage can be used in a number of different ways to improve cash flow. One strategy for a retiree with an existing mortgage is to essentially flip the traditional forward mortgage into a reverse mortgage. Depending on an individual’s home equity, outstanding mortgage, and income sources, a reverse mortgage can be used to pay off a traditional mortgage. This can give the homeowner increased cash flow and added flexibility throughout retirement.

A reverse mortgage, while different from a traditional mortgage, is also very similar. “The one thing a reverse mortgage gives a homeowner, that they often don’t expect, is flexibility,” said Gregg Smith, President and CEO of One Reverse Mortgage. “That flexibility comes in the form of freedom from a mortgage payment – if the homeowner still has one as they enter retirement. Homeowners also have the flexibility to access their equity as it’s needed in a line of credit. This gives them the ability to access only what’s needed and allow the rest to grow. All of this can be done while staying in the home where they built a family and created memories.” Homeowners can still make premium payments on a monthly basis, however, utilizing the strategy to pay off a traditional mortgage with a reverse mortgage in retirement while maintaining the same monthly payments. In this case, the homeowner is not losing any home equity but has the ability to stop making payment at any point if cash flow becomes tight. This could be done, for example, in a month when the homeowner needs to replace the fridge, or if the stock market drops and the retiree does not want to sell investments that month.

In addition to repaying a traditional mortgage to improve cash flow, a reverse mortgage  line of credit can be used to supplement spending when or if the retiree’s investment assets suffer from a market downturn. In this way, the reverse mortgage functions similar to a cash reserve to help the retiree avoid selling off investments at a loss. Notwithstanding a large number of published academic research reports showing beneficial ways to use them, nevertheless reverse mortgages remain vastly underutilized today.

Making the most strategic housing decision is crucial for a successful retirement. Yet, too often retirees don’t think strategically about using home equity to free up cash flow and improve their financial situation. Instead, many homeowners want to age in place, relying on the old saying “location, location, location.” Instead, they should be thinking, “cash flow, cash flow, cash flow” in retirement. Strategies like reverse mortgages, downsizing, refinancing, and relocating can free up cash flow and home equity, and put the retiree in a house that is suited for successfully aging in place.

The CADO   Through Aug. 30
An immersive pop-up experience devoted to California Avocados will feature seven imaginative rooms of large-scale interactive art installations.
Time/Place: Liberty Station, South Promenade

Del Mar Racing Season   Through Sept. 3
The Del Mar Racetrack is a world-class Thoroughbred racing destination welcoming the industry’s top athletes and California’s most spirited partygoers.
Time/Place: Del Mar Thoroughbred Club: 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd.
Contact: 858-755-1141 /

Summer Family Mural Project   Aug. 3
Join us during “Food Truck Fridays” in Balboa Park! Help paint a large mural in front of the Timken, then go inside for an art treasure hunt.
Time/Place: 5-7pm / Timken Museum of Art, Balboa Park
Contact: 619-239-5548 x109 /

Bon Odori Festival   Aug. 3-4
Enjoy a variety of merchants, family friendly activities, Japanese festival foods, a beer garden, a tea & dessert garden, and cultural performances! Each festival day will also be highlighted with traditional Bon Odori practices – “Toro Nagashi” and the “Bon” dance.
Time/Place: Fri 12-8pm, Sat 11am-9pm / Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park
Contact: 619-232-2721 /

Lake Poway Family Campout   Aug. 4-5
Activities include: guided evening hikes, campfire with s’mores, and Extreme Rahim returns with his family pleasing magic/comedy show. Remember to bring your own camping equipment, dinner supplies to barbeque, and grill/charcoal. Kiwanis club will be offering a pancake breakfast.
Time/Place: 5pm-9am / Lake Poway
Contact: 858-688-4772 /

Chula Vista Lemon Festival   Aug. 5
Live entertainment, a kids’ fun zone and lemons galore. Celebrate this juicy jubilee with the community by sporting your brightest yellow outfit and enjoying lemon-infused activities including live bands, sour contests, a kid’s fun zone, a craft beer garden and hundreds of festive booths.
Time/Pl ace: 11am-5pm / 3rd Avenue: E to G Streets
Contact: 619-422-1982 /

Vista Rod Run   Aug. 5
300+ classic and specialty cars. Car owners compete for the best of the best to win one of 30 trophies. Also featured is High Energy DJ, Millionaire Beach Bums band, Specialty Auto vendors and great downtown shopping, restaurants and breweries.
Time/Place: 9am-2pm / Historic Downtown Vista

Tiki Oasis 2018 – South Seas Cinema   Aug. 8-12
The largest and longest-running tiki gathering in the world, Tiki Oasis attendees enjoy a tiki-tastic art and fashion marketplace, live tropical-jazz music, go-go dancers, a classic car show, pool parties and more.
Time/Place: Bali Hai & The Crowne Plaza Hotel

Summer Bash – Business Expo   Aug. 9
Join members of the business community and view the goods and services they provide and mix and mingle! Attend and be prepared to have fun, taste great food and the opportunity win over 46 FREE door prizes from participating business vendors!
Time/Place: 5-8pm / La Mesa Community Center
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Night Fishing   Aug. 9 & 23
Bring your lanterns, but not your radios. Permit required but no state license is needed.
Time/Place: 5-11:30pm / Santee Lakes: Lakes 1-4
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National City Automobile Heritage Day Festival & Car Show   Aug. 11
Join us for live music, food from a variety of National City’s popular eateries, entertainment for children and specialty booths.
Time/Place: 10am-3pm / Kimball Park
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Julian Natural Wonderfest   Aug. 11
Wildlife encounters, music, art and star party featuring the Perseid Meteor Shower. Learn about the wildlife through our animal ambassadors. Learn about the Cosmos with Telescopes and our local Astronomers. Enjoy special activities at our Exhibitor Booths. Stage events for adults and kids.
Time/Place: 3-11pm / Jess Martin Park

ArtWalk @ Liberty Station   Aug. 11-12
More than 200 international, national and local San Diego artists, showcasing every medium including painting, sculpture, glass work, fine jewelry, photography and more. Along with the art, attendees will also be able to enjoy live music, interactive art for kids and the kids at heart, street food options and a wine and beer pavilion.
Time/Place: Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm / 2645 Historic Decatur
Contact: 619-615-1090 /

Art in the Village   Aug. 12
Celebrating the dynamic art culture in Carlsbad Village and the surrounding areas, the event attracts thousands of residents and a diverse selection of fine artists. Live music & local dining.
Time/Place: 9am-5pm / Carlsbad Village
Contact: 760-453-7076 /

Hillcrest CityFest Street Fair   Aug. 12
Games, activities, more than 250 vendors, live headliner music, a beer garden and much more, CityFest is a celebration of spirit and play each year in San Diego.
Time/Place: Noon-11pm / 5th Ave and University Ave.
Contact: 619-299-3330 /

Cardiff Dog Days of Summer   Aug. 12
Watch or enter in 6 different dog contests. Enjoy a wide variety of music throughout the event at the Main Stage and in the Beer & Wine Oasis. A Maker’s Market row will feature quality handmade goods made by local artisans. Rescue Row by Rancho Coastal Humane Society and Pet Health Expo.
Time/Place: 11am-6pm / Encinitas Community Park
Contact: 760-436-0431 /

San Diego Int’l Mariachi Summit Gala   Aug. 17
Celebrate the beauty, passion and pageantry of Mexico. Benefitting the Mariachi Scholarship Foundation, promoting mariachi education in San Diego and awarding over $450,000 worth of college scholarships since 1996.
Time/Place: 7:30-9:30pm / San Diego Civic Theatre
Contact: 619-570-1100 /

¡Latin Food Fest!   Aug. 17-18
California’s largest most attended annual Hispanic culinary celebration includes a festival kick-off party “Mexico Mercado.”  Gran Tasting – the festivals signature event featuring 150 food, beverage, wine, beer and spirits stations, Cooking Demos, Best of Fest Chef Awards, VIP Tent, and Live Music.
Time/Place: Fri 6:30-10:30pm, Sat 11am-3pm / Embarcadero Marina Park N

Stone 22nd Anniversary Celebration & Invitational   Aug. 18
Enjoy a relaxing evening of beer, food and live music with brewers and representatives from all of your favorite breweries.
Time/Place: 1-8pm / California State University San Marcos

California Clambake   Aug. 18
With a sunset backdrop, live entertainment and interactive beach games, guests donned in white attire will cozy up on communal tables and enjoy a shellfish feast featuring menus from renowned Guest Chef Tim Hollingsworth.
Time/Place: 5:30-8pm / Hotel del Coronado
Contact: 619-522-8490 /

Chula Vista HarborFest   Aug. 18
Enjoy the endless opportunities for delicious food and drinks, art in the park, and family friendly activities that combine with perfect weather and a long list of top-notch entertainment to make for a fun-packed summer’s day to remember!
Time/Place: 10am-6pm / Bayside Park
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World Bodysurfing Championships   Aug. 18-19
350-400 bodysurfers from around the world compete in their respective age divisions for trophies and prizes.
Time/Place: 6:30am / Oceanside Pier

Luau and Legends of Surfing Invitational   Aug. 19
Four will be paired with a surf legend for a friendly competition that draws surf legends from around the world, followed by a festive luau with musical entertainment, a tropical buffet, and live and silent auctions featuring surf-inspired artwork, unique surfboards and vacation packages. All proceeds benefit research and patient care at Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health.
Time/Place: 7am / Scripps Pier, La Jolla

Carlsbad Music Festival   Aug. 24-26
The Festival programming is an eclectic mix of creative music ranging from contemporary classical, to indie rock, to world music, to electronic; plus a beer garden and food trucks steps from the beach.
Time/Place: See website for schedule. / Carlsbad Village

Imperial Avenue Street Festival   Aug. 25
The festival grooves to the sounds of live music from multiple stages. Browse the offerings of 4 blocks of local artists, crafts, and gourmet food and beverages. Columbian to Cajun, paintings to pottery, old favorites and new directions.
Time/Place: 12-9pm / Logan Heights

San Diego Spirits Festival   Aug. 25-26
The largest Cocktail Festival in San Diego provides a tremendous occasion to sample and experience the finest spirits and foods, with unique opportunities to learn how to create and pair the perfect cocktail and sample top-shelf cocktails from small-batch and big-name distillers.
Time/Place: Fri & Sat 2-6pm, Sun 2-5pm / Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier

LeucadiART Walk   Aug. 26
Local juried artists displaying original art, live music, live mural painting, Craft Beer Garden, Children’s Art Pavilion.
Time/Place: 10am-5pm / N Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas
Contact: 760-436-2320 /

Bike the Bay Community Ride   Aug. 26
Ride the bridge, Bike the Bay! Cruise around the San Diego Bay and enjoy an opportunity to pedal across the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge. This non-competitive community bike ride is for riders of all abilities and will take you on a scenic, and primarily flat ride, around the San Diego Bay via the Bayshore Bikeway.

Barona Powwow   Aug. 31-Sept. 2
Join the Barona Band of Mission Indians for a weekend of contest dancing in all categories, camping, drums and cultural immersion.
Time/Place: Fri 6-11pm, Sat 7 Sun 1-11pm / Barona Sports Park, Lakeside
Contact: 619-443-6612 x120 /

US Sand Sculpting Challenge and Dimensional Art Expo   Aug. 31-Sept. 3
Over 300 tons of sand dumped on the pier on San Diego’s Big Bay. Patrons will see and be able to buy over 1,000 one-of-a-kind works of art and enjoy live entertainment from bands. Picnic on the Bay with food and drink from over a dozen gourmet food trucks and a wine and beer garden.
Time/Place: Broadway Pier and Landing: 1000 North Harbor Drive
Contact: 619-980-6651 /

It’s astonishing how much financial misinformation manages to float around the Internet.

Let’s separate fact and fiction.

These are five financial myths that are totally false, and what you should know instead.

  1. Your home is an investment

Your home, first and foremost, is a place to live where you can find peace and comfort.

Yes, you can make money buying and selling real estate, but don’t expect that your home will automatically yield big profits. You can also lose money on your home.

So try to separate home buying and home investing. If you want to be a real estate investor, consider owning a rental property or invest in REITs, for example.

2. Buying is always better than renting

Not always.

It depends on several factors, including where you live. Housing and rental prices change over time, and vary by geography, so there isn’t a brightline rule. To make a fair comparison, consider the full cost of ownership, including property taxes, mortgage costs, real estate transaction fees and property maintenance, among other costs.

Also consider your short-term and long-terms goals, including if you plan to move or need more space in the coming years.

3.  Carry a credit balance to increase your credit score

No. Don’t carry a credit balance, unless you like paying interest.

If you have a credit card, pay it off in full each month. That can demonstrate a pattern of financial responsibility. Plus, you can enjoy other perks like cash back and travel rewards.

If you can’t pay off your credit card in full each month, then you shouldn’t use a credit card.

If you want to increase your credit score, focus instead on managing your credit utilization.

Lenders evaluate your credit card utilization, or the relationship between your credit limit and spending in a given month. If your credit utilization is too high, lenders consider you higher risk.

Ideally, your credit utilization show be less than 30%. If you can keep it less than 10%, even better. For example, if you have a $10,000 credit limit on your credit card, ideally you should spend less than $1,000 in a given month.

4.  You only have one credit score

You may have hundreds of credit scores, each calculated by consumer companies and banks. That said, there are three major credit bureaus that act as credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Each credit bureau offers a credit score.

For better or worse, your credit score is the gateway to an array of financial products such as mortgages, auto loans, personal loans, credit cards and private student loans.

FICO credit scores are among the most frequently used credit scores, and range from 350-800 (the higher, the better). A consumer with a credit score of 750 or higher is considered to have excellent credit, while a consumer with a credit score below 600 is considered to have poor credit.

5.  Student loan consolidation will lower your interest rate

If your goal is to lower your student loan interest rate, then student loan consolidation is not your best bet.

Student loan consolidation won’t lower your interest rate, but it can help you organize your federal student loans into a single student loan with a single monthly payment. With federal student loan consolidation, your resulting interest rate is equal to a weighted average of your current federal student loans, rounded up to the nearest 1/8%. So, your student loan interest rate could be higher.

In contrast, student loan refinancing can cut your student loan interest rate.

Student loan refinancing helps you combine your existing federal and private student loans into a new, single student loan with a lower interest rate and only one monthly payment. The higher your student loan balance, the higher potential to save money.

For example, let’s assume you have $100,000 of student loan debt with a 7% interest rate and a 10-year repayment term. If you refinance student loans to a 3% interest rate and 10 year repayment term, you would save $195 per month and $23,457 over the life of your student loans.

And that’s no myth.

By Zack Friedman, Contributor Forbes                                                                                                                                                                                                June 4, 2018

Report:  Wealth Gap Grows

Census data review finds average $43K between top, bottoms tiers in S.D

By Phillip Molnar,  Union Tribune May 12, 2018

If you feel left behind in San Diego’s economy, you’re not alone.

The gaps between the haves and have nots in San Diego was the ninth-highest out of 100 cities between 2011 – 2016, said a report from Bloomberg News.

The news service’s analysis of the Census Bureau data compared households in the top 20 percent to the bottom 20 percent.  San Diego had one of the biggest widening gaps – going from No. 39 on the list to No. 9.

In the five years studied, the gap between the San Diego average household income in the top 20 to the bottom 20 was $43,000.  The nationwide average gap was $31,000.

San Jose had the biggest gap at $74,000.  It was followed by San Francisco at $69,000; Bridgeport, Conn., at $59,000; and Seattle at $53,000.  The lowest gap was $3,000 in El Paso, Texas.

A wealth gap isn’t always bad, provided everyone’s wages are going up, but in San Diego the problem is that people on the lower end are being hurt by housing cost, said Wayne Winegarden, a senior  fellow at the San Francisco-based Pacific Research Institute.

He said San Diego’s dramatic increases in housing costs, at least in part fueled by its high-paying life sciences industry, means people in weaker industries may struggle to keep up.

“The cost of living is going up, reflecting what is happening in the good parts (of the economy),” he said.  “But, you h have a lot of industries that aren’t doing as well.”

Alan Berube, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, wrote in a February report on income inequality that even if everyone’s wages are going up, the wealth gap is a problem because low-income workers will be priced out of metro areas before wages can go up.

“At least in the short run, city and metropolitan income trends do not suggest the existence of a rising tide lifting all boats,” he wrote, “but rather separate ebbs and flows for households at different extremes of the distribution.”

According to a Federal Reserve survey released at the end of last year, the median household net worth was up 16 percent at all income levels from 2013 to 2016.  But, the top 10 percent saw their net worth go up 40 percent.

The Bloomberg analysis said the exodus of people from California is causing the wealth gap in places like Boise, Idaho, to rise.  California led all states for Idaho migration for the last three years, according to data from the Internal Revenue Service.

Bloomberg said the gap between the super rich – households in the top 5 percent – and the middle class, roughly households in the middle 20 percent, also grew in the time period studied.  In that case, San Diego also ranked No. 9 with the widest gap of the 100 cities, a difference of $91,400.

Mainly Mozart Festival   June 1-24
Orchestral and Chamber Music concerts, lectures, parties, and presentations throughout San Diego and Tijuana illustrate the story of one of the greatest geniuses of all time.
Time/Place: See website for schedule. / Balboa Theatre, San Diego
Contact: 619-239-0100 /

San Diego County Fair   June 1-July 4
“How Sweet it Is” Whether it’s sampling chocolate bubbling from a fountain, soaking up the glittery ocean views from atop the Ferris wheel, discovering how nature’s sweet fruits grow and ripen, or enjoying the Fair’s golden-ticket entertainment, your toughest decision will be choosing what to indulge in first!
Time/Place: Del Mar Fairgrounds

Art Around Adams   June 2
Each year we strive to infuse new and exciting artists and talents that reflect this year’s local trends in art and business.
Time/Place: 12-8pm / Adams Avenue, Kensington
Contact: 619-663-9278 /

Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego   June 2-3
Marathon, Half, 5K and Relay. Tour San Diego by foot as you run through all of the city’s favorite neighborhoods on a course lined with live music and entertainment.
Time/Place: Downtown San Diego

RB Alive! Street Fair   June 3
Visitors can partake of tasty treats, browse over 300 booths featuring arts and crafts, information from regional and local businesses, service clubs and religious organizations.
Time/Place: 10am-4pm / Bernardo Center Drive

United States Police & Fire Championships   June 2-9
Athletes representing law enforcement, firefighters, and officers from corrections, probation, border protection, immigration and customs from across the country compete in Olympic-style sports in 50 different sports in 35 venues throughout the county.

FilmOut San Diego LGBT Film Festival   June 7-10
Some films will have their premiere with FilmOut San Diego along with award-winning films, independent features and a variety of short films.
Time/Place: Observatory North Park Theatre, San Diego

San Diego International Boat Show   June 7-10
Make your boating dreams a reality by checking out the approximately 140 boats for sale, as well as the latest nautical gear, gadgets and accessories.
Time/Place: See website for schedule. / Spanish Landing Park, East
Contact: 949-757-5959 /

San Diego Greek Festival   June 8-10
Come and enjoy fine foods, pastries, imported Greek beers and wines! Get your annual super-dose of traditional and contemporary Greek Music all weekend!
Time/Place: St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church: 3655 Park Boulevard

Toast of the Coast Wine Competition/Festival   June 9
Your ticket will include unlimited 1-oz samples of wines entered in the 2018 Toast of the Coast Wine Competition. Includes entertainment and admission to the San Diego County Fair.
Time/Place: 12-3pm and 4-7pm / Del Mar Fairgrounds
Contact: 858-755-1161 /

Marine Corps Mud Run Camp Pendleton   June 9-10
Get ready to run through the terrain of Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton where our U.S. Marines train. There will be over 300 Marines “Motivating” participants along the course, as well as Military vehicle displays.
Time/Place: 6am / MCB Camp Pendleton

Inter-Tribal Powwow   June 9-10
Join the San Luis Rey Band of Luiseño Mission Indians for the Annual Inter-Tribal Powwow with arts and craft booths, food, dancers, drums, an opportunity drawing and contest dancing.
Time/Place: Sat 9am-11pm, Sun 9am-6pm / Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside

San Diego Festival of the Arts   June 9-10
Gathers nearly 200 artists in a bay view setting of original fine art, entertainment and delicious cuisines, complemented with fine wine and craft beer.
Time/Place: 10am-6pm / San Diego County Waterfront Park
Contact: 619-744-0534 /

Surfing America 2018 USA Surfing Championships   June 10-14
Competition includes Adaptive, Longboard, SUP and Jr. Teams.
Time/Place: Oceanside Harbor North Jetty
Contact: 949-391-1010 /

Taste of La Mesa   June 11
Eat your “heart out” while you stroll table to table and sample great food from many local restaurants – all in ONE location! You won’t want to miss this night of fun, food and more!
Time/Place: 6-8pm / La Mesa Community Center
Contact: 619-465-7700 x1 /

Taste of Little Italy   June 13
Walk along Little Italy’s charming flower and tree-lined sidewalks enjoying bites from San Diego’s top eatery hub, all while enjoying live music scattered throughout the 48-square-block neighborhood and spectacular views of San Diego’s sparkling embarcadero.
Time/Place: 5-9pm / Little Italy, San Diego

San Diego International Beer Festival   June 15-17
Nearly 200 breweries represented from around the world, specialty vendors selling a variety of accessories and gifts for the beer lover and educational demonstrations.
Time/Place: 11am-9pm / Del Mar Fairgrounds

Taste of Gaslamp   June 16
The Gaslamp Quarter will be showcasing the excellent dining options available in our vibrant district.
Time/Place: 1-4pm / Gaslamp Square (Check-In): 538 L Street
Contact: 619-233-5227 /

Tony Gwynn 5.5K Run & Walk   June 16
A scenic route through Miramar (aka Beer-a-Mar) for all ages to enjoy. There will be beer pit-stops along the course. Post-event celebration at AleSmith’s Miramar headquarters.
Time/Place: 8am-1pm / AleSmith Brewing Company: 9990 AleSmith Court

SoCal Etsy Guild Artisan Market   June 16
Join us for an amazing day of handmade fun! Local designers, live art, handmade vendors, and music.
Time/Place: 10am-5pm / Amphitheater & South Plaza of Horton Plaza Park
Contact: 626-274-1434 /

California Clambake   June 16
With a sunset backdrop, live entertainment and interactive beach games, guests donned in white attire will cozy up on communal tables and enjoy a shellfish feast featuring menus from renowned Guest Chef Stefan Peroutka.
Time/Place: 5:30-8pm / Hotel del Coronado

San Diego Wooden Boat Festival   June 16-17
A rare opportunity for the public to view some of the most beautiful and well maintained wooden crafts up close.
Time/Place: Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 9am-4pm / Koehler Kraft Boat Yard, Shelter Island

The CADO   June 16-Aug. 30
An immersive pop-up experience devoted to California Avocados will feature seven imaginative rooms of large-scale interactive art installations.
Time/Place: Liberty Station, South Promenade

Cooper Family Foundation Juneteenth   June 16
Free event! Educational program, kid zone, teen stage, cultural entertainment, health vendors, vendors, free food and much more. Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States.
Time/Place: 11am-6pm / 2900 Block of Imperial Avenue
Contact: 619-245-3387 /

Father’s Day Concert & BBQ   June 17
Supporting America’s veterans and military through the Gary Sinise Foundation. The show will open with a spectacular skydiving show from Skydiving Innovations. Attendees will enjoy delicious BBQ and drinks as they listen to Gary Sinise & the Lt. Dan Band.
Time/Place: 11am-7pm / Hotel del Coronado

Taste of Vista   June 20
Savor food samples and craft beers, and enjoy live country music all while discovering historic downtown.
Time/Place: 5-8pm / Main Street

Make Music Day   June 21
Every kind of musician — young and old, amateur and professional, of every musical persuasion — pours onto streets, parks, plazas, and porches to share their music with friends, neighbors, and strangers.
Time/Place: 10am-5pm / Museum of Making Music, Carlsbad
Contact: 760-438-5996 /

Ocean Beach Street Fair/Chili Cook-Off   June 23
An oceanfront chili cook-off, five stages of continuous live music and entertainment, the community mural project, Artists Alley, carnival rides and games, food and vendor booths, a beachside beer garden and more.
Time/Place: 10am-8pm / Newport Avenue
Contact: 619-224-4906 /

91X Presents BeerX   June 23
A day of great music and craft beer at Waterfront Park. Although the event is 21+ from 1-4pm, all ages are welcome after 4pm once the craft beer tasting portion is complete. Locally sourced food trucks and vendors will be on site to serve great nibbles all day long!
Time/Place: 1-11pm / San Diego County Waterfront Park

Fairy Festival   June 23
Wear your fairy costume or come just as you are. Create a fairy house, make fairy treasures, leave messages on the wishing bush, or shop in the Fairyland market. Be sure to bring your camera for a picture with the Fairy Queen.
Time/Place: 10am-4pm / San Diego Botanic Garden, Encinitas
Contact: 760-632-0917 /

Summer Fun on the 101: Leucadia’s Music Festival   June 23
Encinitas’ most epic music festival and is free and open to the community! Ride your bike and walk to win excellent prizes!
Time/Place: 12-7:30pm / Leucadia Roadside Park
Contact: 760-436-2320 /

Festival of Yoga   June 24
This free, all-ages event will feature guided yoga, meditation, music, a vendor marketplace, and other activities intended to instill peace and to inspire and empower people of all ages.
Time/Place: 8am-3pm / San Diego Waterfront Park
Contact: 619-7274930 /

San Diego Smooth Jazz Festival   June 29-July 1
The soothing sounds of smooth jazz, a variety of delicious cuisine, and an amazing atmosphere that creates an unparalleled experience.
Time/Place: Embarcadero Marina Park North
Contact: 562-424-0013 /

Oceanside Independence Day Parade   June 30
Come see floats, bands, walking groups, cool cars and much more! The grand marshal of this year’s parade and the first Hometown Hero to be recognized is Jim Wood, former mayor of Oceanside.
Time/Place: 10am-12pm / South Coast Highway
Contact: 760-754-4512 /

Switchfoot BRO-AM   June 30
A surf contest, live music performances, and nerf surf jousting exposition between surf contest heats.
Time/Place: 7am-5pm / Moonlight Beach, Encinitas

9 Home Improvements That Can Help (and Hurt) Value


Home improvement can be taken as very demanding action, but there are also some ways of home improvement you can do yourself. Therefore, before you start with any, see what improvements are the most needed in your home. Nowadays, a big attraction is an energy-efficient home which saves a lot of energy and reduces energy costs. On the other hand, maintenance problems and pest or bug infestations are a major turn off and should be looked into ASAP.

We bring you several great pieces of advice you can use to improve your home’s value and feel more comfortable and cozy.

1. Water Filtration System

A water filtration system in your kitchen is a small addition that will appeal to many home buyers and is used for purifying the water. When you have a water filtration system installed in your house, you don’t have to buy bottled water anymore. The best thing is that it’s not expensive at all, and everyone can afford it.

2. Removing Old Carpets

Besides looking old, old carpets might also be hiding contaminants and allergens which means you have bad air quality in your home. Sometimes the best option for testing an indoor air quality is to call a professional company because they will surely do a great job.

Wooden floors are an excellent way to bring the touch of outdoors in your home. Great examples of environmentally friendly natural products are tile or laminated floors. By replacing your old carpets with a hard surface floor, your house will be easier to clean, and you’ll have more time to do things you like.

3. Replacing Popcorn Ceiling

It is no secret that homes with popcorn ceilings are outdated so get rid of this popcorn ceiling fast. To be sure that it does not contain asbestos, it would be best to hire professionals to test it. Replacing Popcorn Ceiling is as simple as buying a solution to soften the texture from the hardware store and scraping the popcorn away.

4. Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling bathrooms is a great way to add more value to your home. If a full rebuild is not in your budget, you can invest in many small changes that will freshen up your bathroom. Replace the dated wallpaper, old lighting, add some fancy cupboard knobs or change the faucet and shower heads.

5. Kitchen Remodeling

Just like the bathroom, a big kitchen update can do wonders. Stained sinks and old appliances are all things to look at. If replacing the kitchen cabinets is too much for you, you can always give them a new look by adding a new varnish or paint layer and swap those old doorknobs with modern ones.

6. Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance is an ongoing process, no matter if you plan to live in your house for a long time or move soon. Repairing or replacing broken appliances or fixtures will avoid further damage. Certain things are not to be left, and for example, leak spots on the ceiling can cause great damage to your roof if not taken care of immediately. If your home is up for sale, a sign of poor maintenance will make the home seekers wonder what else is wrong with the house.

7. Water Heater Upgrade

An old water heater can be a turn off for some home buyers, but you can find water heaters that come with a tankless model. This kind of water heaters are more efficient as they only heat up the water that you need.

8. Appliance Updates

Nowadays, energy-efficiency is becoming trendy. Appliances with an energy star label use 10 to 50 percent less energy and water than other conventional appliances. New models look great, and many are stainless steel which is a bonus. If you do not have the money for buying modern devices, upgrade the lighting to energy star.

9. Update Fixtures

Fixtures in your home include curtain rods, light fixtures, doorknobs, switch plates, outlet covers, etc. Make sure that these are updated because sometimes it’s the small detail that counts. For example, outlet covers and switch plates look more attractive when made of metal. These changes are easy to do yourself and aren’t so expensive, just be sure you choose the right color which looks great combined with other furniture in your home.

West Coast Weekender May 3-6
A music conference and boutique festival spanning over four days in May. With a strong focus on local art and industry, we pay homage to the American westside’s underground music culture.
Time/Place: WorldBeat Cultural Center: 2100 Park Blvd

Old Town Fiesta Cinco de Mayo May 4-6
Bustling mercado, non-stop music and live entertainment, lucha libre wrestling, and a huge display of lowriders and other incredible autos! Delectable dining establishments throughout Old Town and enjoy margarita and tequila specials.
Time/Place: Old Town San Diego State Historic Park
Contact: 619-291-4903 /

Julian Woman’s Club Wildflower Show May 4-6
The Wildflower Show is meant to educate club members, local residents, out-of-town visitors and children about the botanical wealth of Julian and its vicinity.
Time/Place: 10am-4pm / Julian Town Hall: 2129 Main St.

Rhythm & Brews Music & Craft Beer Festival May 5
Complete with jams from local musicians and tastes of more than 50 of the most renowned breweries from San Diego County and other vibrant craft beer regions around the country.
Time/Place: 12-4pm / Historic Vista Village: 209 E Broadway

Cinco de Mayo Trail Run May 5
The challenging and unique courses will take you out on the Lake Poway Trail through the foothills around the lake near Blue Sky Ecological Reserve. Kids Race at 9:30am.
Time/Place: 6:30am / Lake Poway Trail

Asian Cultural Festival of San Diego May 5
Cultural and traditional performances from a dozen countries and cultures. Children’s Art and Crafts, Martial Arts Demos, Video Game Tent, Cooking Demos, Ramen Eating Contest, Cultural Row Exhibition, Beer Garden, and delicious Asian food!
Time/Place: 10am-5pm / Mira Mesa Community Park

Carlsbad Spring Village Faire May 6
Clothes, accessories, plants, household products, art, antiques and home decor. The international food court will once again feature more than 50 booths. The children’s area will entertain youngsters with games, a super slide, a bounce house, a rock climbing wall, face painting and arts and crafts.
Time/Place: 8am-5pm / Carlsbad Blvd & Grand Ave

Spring Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon May 6
With a calm bay swim and a flat bike and run course, the Spring Sprint is the perfect race to kick off your season.
Time/Place: 7-11am / South Shores Park, Mission Bay
Contact: 858-268-1250 /

Gator By The Bay Zydeco, Blues & Crawfish Festival May 10-13
More than 100 performances on 7 stages, dancing, delicious Southern food – including beignets, gumbo, jambalaya & 10,000 lbs of crawfish.
Time/Place: Spanish Landing Park, Point Loma Peninsula
Contact: 619-234-8612 /

Disco Ball 2018 May 12
An elegant evening and help support our programs to enrich the lives of children and their families. Hosted Cocktail Reception, 3-Course Gourmet Dinner, Live and Silent Auction, Live entertainment.
Time/Place: 6-10pm / Mission Bay Hilton: 1775 East Mission Bay Drive
Contact: 619-320-4942 /

Holi Festival of Colors May 12
Dedicated to spiritual & social harmony, awakening a sense of brotherhood thru ecstatic dance, mantra music, yoga, free hugs and delicious vegetarian meals.
Time/Place: 11am-4pm / Oceanside Pier Amphitheater

Ocean Beach Kite Festival May 12
We have kite building and decorating, prizes, professional kite fliers and amazing kite demonstrations and games, crafters, community organizations, gourmet food, carnival activities and live music!
Time/Place: 10am-4pm / Dusty Rhodes Park

Art Glass Guild Fall Patio Show & Sale May 12-13
View beautiful art glass created by local artists. There will be entertainment for all including: live music, demonstrations featuring torch-work, and glass cutting as well as an area for children & adults alike to create their own unique mosaic art piece.
Time/Place: 10am-5pm / Spanish Village Art Center, Balboa Park
Contact: 619-702-8006 /

Festa do Espirito Santo May 18-20
Celebrate Portuguese Heritage by joining in the city’s oldest ethnic festival, Festa do Espirito Santo, that commemorates Portugal’s Queen St. Isabel.
Time/Place: United Portuguese S.E.S. Hall, Point Loma
Contact: 619-223-5880 /

San Diego Taco Fest May 19
30 of the region’s best taco-centric restaurants will offer a wide range of mouthwatering taco creations. Local and national musical performances. Chihuahua Beauty Pageant and Race.
Time/Place: 11am-10pm / San Diego County Waterfront Park

Festival of Arts in North Park May 19
The festival features a live art element: contemporary urban artists will create unique works of art using creative everyday objects like cars, refrigerators and boom boxes. Craft Beer Block, Live Music, Kids Arts Block, Cocktail Garden and more!
Time/Place: 10am-10pm / University Avenue & 30th Street
Contact: 619-294-2501 /

San Diego Century May 19
Experience the beautiful hills and coastline during one of the nation’s most scenic rides along 33, 67 or 105 mile routes. Finish-line expo in Encinitas.
Time/Place: 6am-5:30pm / MiraCosta College, Cardiff-by-the-Sea
Contact: 909-399-3553 /

Stone Liberty Station 5th Anniversary May 19
To commemorate, we are throwing a celebration along with the awesome other local businesses in Liberty Station and Liberty Public Market!
Time/Place: 12-4pm / 2816 Historic Decatur Rd.

Armed Forces Day Military Operation Appreciation May 19
Thousands of active duty military and their family members are treated to a day of free food, carnival rides and entertainment.
Time/Place: 11am-4pm / Junior Seau Oceanside Pier Amphitheatre
Contact: 760-722-1534 /

Pirate Days May 19-20
Kids costume contests, cannon firings, weapon demonstrations, sword fights, scary stories, and a scavenger hunt.
Time/Place: 10am-4pm / Maritime Museum of San Diego
Contact: 619-234-9153 /

Beach Soccer Jam May 19-20
Come enjoy the excitement including Beach Soccer, Brazilian Samba and Capoeira dancers, some of San Diego’s best Entertainment DJs and a Beer Garden.
Time/Place: See website for schedule. / Fiesta Island

Community Band Festival May 19-20
Old Poway Park Action Committee members, the Pomerado Community Band and the Poway Arts and Crafts Guild, will host the annual CA Band Festival and Arts and Crafts Market.
Time/Place: 10am-7pm / Old Poway Park

Fiesta del Sol May 19-20
Food Trucks and other great specialty food vendors will be back as well as our Arts & Crafts area, Sponsor area, Solana Beach Fireman’s Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, and more!
Time/Place: 9am-9pm / Fletcher Cove, Solana Beach
Contact: 858-755-4775 /

Escondido Grand Ave Festival May 20
One of the biggest street fairs in Southern California, with over 500 vendors bringing unique crafts and imports, fine international cuisine and family entertainment.
Time/Place: 9am-5pm / Historic Downtown Escondido’s Grand Avenue
Contact: 760-839-4777 /

Navy’s Bay Bridge Run/Walk May 20
This unique 4-mile run/walk has a one of a kind spectacular panoramic view as participants make their way to Coronado’s beautiful Tidelands Park from downtown San Diego over the Coronado Bay Bridge. Followed by a finish line celebration.
Time/Place: 8am-12pm / Hilton San Diego Bayfront
Contact: 858-848-5786 /

Classic Car/Motorcycle Show May 20
From antique to current cars and motorcycles of beauty. Breakfast served, shrimp boil or hot dogs for lunch.
Time/Place: 8am-2pm / Chula Vista Elks Lodge 2011: 901 Elks Ln.
Contact: 619-421-2011 /

Walk For the One Barefoot Walk-A-Thon May 20
It’s .. in dirt… for 4 miles… barefoot (you can wear sandals or shoes if you need to.) This is what so many Ethiopian kids face daily to get to and from school. Gain a broader awareness of what others deal with on a daily basis!
Time/Place: 11am / Ingold Field: 2551 Olive Hill Rd., Fallbrook
Contact: 559-304-2100 /

Valley Center Western Days May 23-26
Each May, the Valley Center community celebrates its western heritage with a series of events including the Western Days Parade, Library kick-off party, the election of Valley Center’s “Honorary Mayor,” and so much more.
Contact: 760-440-8293 /

Valley Center Stampede Rodeo & Festival May 25-27
This year’s rodeo will kick-off on Friday at the rodeo grounds. On Saturday, the grounds will reopen following our town’s historic parade. Then on Sunday, the rodeo grounds will feature a locals roping event.
Time/Place: See website for schedule. / 28246 Lilac Rd.

Legacy Week May 26-28
The lineup of activities range from a Wreath Memorial ceremony, benefit concert, family activities, blood drive, interactive exhibits and more. Each element of Midway’s Legacy Week commemoration is designed to honor and remember our heroes and celebrate our military heritage.
Time/Place: USS Midway Museum: 910 North Harbor Drive
Contact: 619-544-9600 /

House of Pacific Relations’ Ethnic Food Fair May 27
Annual celebration of food from around the world! Sample the culinary treats of 34 different cultures and witness performances in native costumes. Features musical and dance performances on the HPR stage.
Time/Place: 11am-5pm / Balboa Park

Vista Strawberry Festival May 27
Come enjoy our celebration of the ‘berry as we bring over 300 vendors, athletic competition, pie eating, costumes, beauty, carnival rides, music, food, and more.
Time/Place: 8am-6pm / Historic Downtown Vista

Fallbrook Vintage Car Club Car Show May 27
Featured Cars – Packard. Restoration Road – Porsche. Swap Meet, Beer & Wine Garden, Food Vendors and Live Music.
Time/Place: 9:30am-4pm / Pala Mesa Resort, Fallbrook

National City Memorial Day Celebration May 28
As a symbol of that community spirit, several public officials will roll up their sleeves to serve the lunch in what has become an important component of La Vista’s Memorial Day tradition.
Time/Place: 1-3pm / La Vista Memorial Park & Mortuary: 3191 Orange St.
Contact: 619-475-7770 /

Easter Sunday at The Del Apr. 1
Savor the bounty of spring at the Champagne Easter Brunch in the magnificent Crown Room or Ocean View Ballroom. Then, head out into the spring sunshine for a colorful egg hunt on the Windsor Lawn.
Time/Place: See website for schedule. / Hotel del Coronado
Contact: 619-522-8100 /

Peg Leg Smith Liar’s Contest Apr. 1
Stories should be of no more than five minutes in length (another little joke). Judges award points for originality, props, costumes, presentation, and whether Peg Leg or lost gold is included in the tale.
Time/Place: Dusk-10pm / Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

La Jolla Concours d’Elegance Apr. 6-8
This collection is truly a display of “moving sculpture” – each automobile rarer and more beautiful than the next.
Time/Place: See website for schedule. / La Jolla Cove lawn
Contact: 619-233-5008 /

Goodguys Meguiar’s Del Mar Nationals Apr. 6-8
A colorful “Full Throttle Fun” hot rod & custom car automotive themed festival featuring over 2,500 hot rods, customs, classics, street rods, muscle cars & trick trucks through 1987 vintage.
Time/Place: See website for schedule. / Del Mar Fairgrounds
Contact: 925-838-9876 /

Gaslight Gathering 8 Apr. 6-8
A convention to promote Steampunk and Victoriana aesthetics as it relates to dress, art, music, crafts, pop culture, and literature.
Time/Place: Handlery Hotel, Mission Valley

Citybeat Beer Fest Apr. 7
The perfect marriage of two of San Diego’s best known exports – music and craft beer.
Time/Place: 12-4pm / Lafayette Hotel: 2223 El Cajon Blvd.

Art Auction Apr. 7
Over 100 works by notable artists will be up for bidding during this fun and festive event that is equal parts auction and party. 6-9:30pm / Time/Place: Oceanside Museum of Art
Contact: 760-435-3721 /

America’s Schooner Cup Apr. 7
Maritime Museum of San Diego will sail California’s official tall ship Californian on San Diego Bay to support Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS), a Navy sponsored 501c (3) public nonprofit organization.
Time/Place: 9am-3pm / 1492 N Harbor Drive, San Diego
Contact: 619-234-9153 x101 /

San Diego Botanic Garden ArtFest Apr. 7-8
Our fine arts show features more than 20 artists displaying and selling their work at amazing prices just for Garden guests.
Time/Place: 9am-5pm / 230 Quail Gardens Drive, Encinitas
Contact: 760-436-3036 /

Campagnolo GranFondo San Diego Apr. 7-8
Features a mass-start, timed GranFondo with 4 route options, timed King and Queen of the Mountain, The Bike & Fitness Expo, challenging and picturesque routes, outstanding Campagnolo ride support, and delicious food on course.
Time/Place: Little Italy

Black Mountain Trail Run Apr. 8
Part of the XTERRA SoCal Trail Run Series, this course is great for beginners and advanced athletes with plenty of wide fire road trails and some single track sections.
Time/Place: 6-11:30am / Black Mountain Ranch State Park

San Diego Tour de Cure Apr. 14
Whether you choose to ride your bike, run or walk, all the roads we take lead to the same destination to fundraise for a diabetes cure.
Time/Place: 6am-1pm / Del Mar Fairgrounds

Wanderlust 108 Apr. 14
This day is all about community, bringing together a 5K run/walk, an outdoor yoga experience, and a guided meditation.
Time/Place: 7:30am-3:30pm / Liberty Station NTC Park

SD Beach & Bay Half Marathon, 5K & 8K Apr. 14
Stick around because the party starts at the finish line with live music, a beer garden (your first 12 ounce beer is on us!), snacks, photo opportunities, and much more.
Time/Place: 6:30am-12pm / Tecolote Shores Park

VinDiego Wine & Food Festival Apr. 14
Over 70 Top Tier Wineries and 25 of San Diego’s very best Chefs come together to create San Diego’s Classy Wine and Food Experience!
Time/Place: 3-7pm / NTC Liberty Station

Heartbreak Ridge Run Apr. 14
It offers multiple distance choices with a challenging hill climb and scenic views of surrounding mountains and meadows.
Time/Place: 8am-1pm / Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Taste of Hillcrest Apr. 14
More than 35 fantastic Hillcrest restaurants are participating, giving foodies a chance to sample some of their best and signature dishes.
Time/Place: 12-4pm / 5th Ave. and University Ave.

Oceanside Days of Art Apr. 14-15
A juried fine art festival featuring up to and sometimes over 100 local artists selling a variety of unique artwork including paintings, sculptures, stained glass, ceramics, fine jewelry, photography and more.
Time/Place: 10am-5pm / 704 Pier View Way
Contact: 760-433-3632 /

Port of San Diego’s Day at the Docks Apr. 15
The West Coast’s largest public celebration of sportfishing. Signaling the official start of Southern California’s spring saltwater fishing season.
Time/Place: 9am-5pm / San Diego Sportfishing Landings, Point Loma

Fallbrook Avocado Festival Apr. 15
Local artisans on the Artisan Walk on Alvarado, Cazadores Margaritas at the Main Stage area, featuring local talent, food, wine garden, local beer, community stage, kid’s zone and Avocado Central where avocados and trees can be purchased.
Time/Place: 9am-5pm / Main St.

San Diego Comic Fest Apr. 20-22
Indulge your love of comics, science fiction, and films, and meet an outstanding array of professional creators without high-priced tickets, crowding, or long lines.
Time/Place: Town & Country Resort & Convention Center, Mission Valley

Margarita 5k Apr. 21
Join us for a flat and fast 5k run on hard pack sand at low tide on the beaches of Mission and Pacific Beach! We will have color T-shirts, post-race refreshments, and finisher medals for all entrants, plus great prizes from our sponsors!
Time/Place: 7:30am-12pm / 3115 Ocean Front Walk, San Diego

Chicano Park Day Celebration Apr. 21
Performances by ballet folklórico groups and numerous live bands, lowrider car show coordinated by Amigos Car Club, vendor booths, kids arts workshop and speakers.
Time/Place: 10am-5pm / Logan Ave & Cesar E Chavez Parkway
Contact: 619-563-4661 /

La Jolla Half Marathon & Shores 5K Apr. 22
The La Jolla Half Marathon is race #2 in the Half Marathon Triple Crown Series.
Time/Place: 7-11am / Del Mar Fairgrounds
Contact: 760-692-2900 /

San Diego EarthFair Apr. 22
More than 300 exhibitors, special theme areas, a Food Pavilion, a special Children’s Activity Area, four entertainment venues, the Children’s Earth Parade, the eARTh Gallery arts and crafts show, and the Cleaner Car Concourse.
Time/Place: 10am-5pm / Balboa Park

Art Alive-The Museum in Full Bloom Apr. 26-29
Stunning works of art on display in the Museum with more than 100 floral interpretations created by top local and national designers.
Time/Place: San Diego Museum of Art, Balboa Park
Contact: 619-232-7931 /

Lakeside Rodeo Apr. 27-29
Four full rodeo performances featuring the 7 events of rodeo to include bull riding, Bareback riding, Saddle bronc riding, Steer wrestling, Calf roping, Barrel racing (WPRA) and more.
Time/Place: Lakeside Rodeo Grounds: 12584 Mapleview St.
Contact: 619-561-4331 /

Spring Garden & Butterfly Festival Apr. 28
Programs, exhibitors and demonstrations that will help you become a better gardener and learn how to conserve our precious resources. Kid friendly activities such as tour of the Butterfly Pavilion, Butterfly Releases, the Pollinator Party & the Butterfly Discovery Lab and more.
Time/Place: 9am-3pm / Cuyamaca College, El Cajon
Contact: 619-660-0614 x10 /

Barrio Logan Grand Prix Apr. 28
Join in the thrill of fast-paced bicycle racing by pro racers, top-level amateurs, and a fun children’s cycling event.
Time/Place: 7am-7pm / Historic Barrio Logan

San Diego Shaka Fest Apr. 28
Youth-only canoe regatta, SUP race for adults and keiki’s, stages of da kine Hawaiian and Tahitian entertainment, your favorite boutique vendors and island inspired food vendors.
Time/Place: 8am-4pm / De Anza Cove Park
Contact: 858-449-2078 /

Adams Avenue Unplugged Apr. 28
Live musical performances staged inside restaurants, bars, coffee houses and galleries lining the neighborhood.
Time/Place: Noon-10pm / Adams Avenue
Contact: 619-282-7329 /

Mission Federal ArtWalk Apr. 28-29
Arts and culture event with over 350 local, national and international emerging and established artists. The festival will showcase every medium, including painting, sculpture, glass work, photography, fine jewelry and more.
Time/Place: 11am-6pm / Little Italy

Encinitas April Street Fair Apr. 28-29
Enjoy over 450 unique food, arts and crafts vendors plus four entertainment stages, children’s rides, Dog Zone, Kids Zone, Bike Valets, and a Beer Garden!
Time/Place: 9am-5pm / South Coast Hwy 101 between D & J Streets
Contact: 760-943-1950 /

San Diego Kids Expo & Fair Apr. 28-29
Part businesses and non-profits on display, part fun fair and part music and dance festival. And definitely all kids!
Time/Place: 10am-5pm / Del Mar Fairgrounds
Contact: 619-269-9441 /

Chocolate Festival Apr. 29
Over 15 vendors showcasing and sampling various types of chocolate has something for every palette.
Time/Place: 9am-5pm / Maritime Museum of San Diego
Contact: 619-234-9153 /

MotorCars on MainStreet Car Show Apr. 29
Featuring over 400 pre-73 restored classic, rod and custom cars & trucks. There is live music featuring The Cat-illacs and drawings throughout the day.
Time/Place: 10am-3pm / Downtown Coronado
Contact: 619-437-0254 /

San Diego Awesome ‘80s Run 5K & 8K Apr. 29
This is the perfect opportunity for you to dress up in your favorite ‘80s gear!
Time/Place: 7:30am-12pm / De Anza Cove Park

By Market Watch

The greater San Diego metropolitan area continues its real estate hot streak. The scorching increase in prices in San Diego is being felt even in the North Inland region, once considered a haven for potential buyers seeking more affordable homes.

Check out more Location Scouts reports on housing-market conditions across the U.S.
In Escondido, prices have ballooned past once-reasonable totals of less than $500,000. In fact, in July 2015, the median listing price in the popular city was just $498,000; but by this past July, that number had shot up to $558,000, according to

According to the National Association of Realtors, the median sales price of existing single-family homes in the San Diego area increased 7.7% from second quarter 2015 to this past second quarter, rising to $589,900. At this price level, the San Diego area ranked as the fifth-most expensive market in the country, just below urban Honolulu and just above Boulder, Colo.

The sound commute to the city of Escondido and the once-reasonable prices are a few of the area draws, but many other factors make the North Inland city an increasingly popular choice. In addition to its restaurants, art galleries and vineyards, its brewing industry is making it a popular destination for residents and visitors alike. In fact, it is home to the growing Stone Brewing company, which recently moved forward with plans to build the Stone Hotel, offering unique accommodations in concert with the adjacent Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens.

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Despite its increasing popularity, there are still deals to be had in one of the oldest cities in San Diego County, but buyers should be aware of which neighborhoods best suit their needs and budget. The city consists of four main areas, divided by ZIP code: North (92026), West (92029), South (92025) and East (92027).

Of those four areas, only Escondido East has a median sales price of less than $500,000 as of July 2016, and according to data from the Greater San Diego Association of Realtors the median sales price was $457,000 this past July, an 11.5% year-over-year increase.

Because it remains one of the more affordable areas in the popular city, however, both the days on market until sale and the inventory of homes for sale have decreased significantly. This past July, single-family homes in the area averaged just 21 days on market until sale, a 59.6% decrease since July 2015. Inventory was also down by 7%.

Escondido North is the next most affordable area, but its median sales price also has increased, hitting $501,250 this past July. Days on market until sale are tight here, too, at just 29 days this past July. And although all areas of the North Inland city have seen significant year-over-year price growth, Escondido South had the biggest jump at 23.1%, and the median sales price was $572,500 in July, after being just $465,000 in July 2015.

Escondido West remains the most expensive area of the city, with a median sales price of $760,508 for single-family homes in July, an 8.2% increase over the $703,000 seen in July 2015. On the flip side of that, however, is a significant increase in the number of days on market until sale, up to 85 days this past July, an 84.8% year-over-year increase.

Price increases in San Diego have started to spread throughout the area, particularly in towns within commuting distance of the city. If these trends continue, potential home buyers may find it harder and harder to find an affordable home.